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Welcome to MR CARS Ltd.

MR CARS Ltd. sells reliable used cars. Founded by Marcin Rzepecki, our goal is to find you the used car you need for a price that you can appreciate.

We are situated in Earl Shilton and serve anyone, however most of our customers come from around the Midlands. Aside from selling cars, we buy used cars as well.

Marcin typically goes to dealer auctions to find vehicles and then brings them back to his lot. Customers leave with a good car and a smile on their faces.

We Go the Extra Mile

Why should the dealership make extra money when you are trading in or buying a car? Why not pocket that money yourself by retailing your car to an individual rather than trading it? You may particularly wish to consider selling your vehicle if it’s older but nice and reliable.

Many people are looking for very affordable, but reliable transportation – why not cut out the middle man? If you are in the market for a car, Marcin will go out and find a car to your specifications and we offer warranties on all of our vehicles.

We accept payments in cash or credit card. Credit card payments are charged an additional 2.5%.

MR CARS Ltd. has a trader license and insurance and is ready to find you the car that you need. Contact us today at 07534615560 or email  &